checklist for selecting a caregiver

Selecting a caregiver can be a challenging and emotional process. Below are considerations to help making the decision:

1. Is the Agency licensed and bonded in the State of Illinois?
2. What kind of background checks does the agency run on its caregivers?
3. How does the agency select and train its employees?
4. Does it check references and criminal records on new employees?
5. Does it have personnel policies and malpractice insurance?
6. How do they maintain client confidentiality?
7. Does the caregiver speak your primary language or language you understand?
8. Who is responsible for the caregiver’s taxes and social security?
9. Are the covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance in case they are injured in my home?
10. What are the hourly and live-in rates for:

  • Weekdays
  • Weekends
  • Shift Differential
  • Transportation Charge
  • Any Additional Charges (such as placement fee, finders, etc.)
  • 11. How are the billing and payment services handled?
    12. If we choose to, may we interview potential caregivers? If yes, is there a charge to do this?
    13. What can we expect from a caregiver?
    14. Does the agency have caregivers who have experience with end-of-life caregiver service?
    15. Is there someone at the agency to answer my questions at all times? Including Evening, weekends and Holidays?
    16. Are the caregivers supervised? If yes, is there an additional charge for this?
    17 .What happens when my caregiver takes time off?
    18. What procedures are in place to handle emergencies?
    19. For questions, comments or complaints, who is the contact person?

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